December 23, 2013

How Love Creates Health

Love contributes to health. It doesn’t stop with counting blessings. It’s not abstract. It’s deeply physical. Let’s follow the argument made by Barbara Fredrickson during the […]
December 23, 2013

You can….Profit From the Positive

There are so many good books coming out these days!  It’s hard to keep up.  But if you still have some beach reading time, I recommend Profit […]
December 23, 2013

Employee Development on a Shoestring

Here at Positive Business DC we like to promote books that we think are helpful for creating positive businesses.  And one of Gallup’s Q12 (i.e. the […]
December 23, 2013

Bouncing Back: Myths and Characteristics of Resilience

I have taught resilience to business execs and Army sergeants.  And the same myths come up every time when I ask about their definition of resilience. […]
December 23, 2013
Practicing Positive Leadership

Virtuous Business Practices – an interview with Dr. Kim Cameron

Dr. Kim Cameron is the William Russell Professor of Management & Organizations at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and the co-founder of […]
December 23, 2013

Positive Psychology in Practice in the DC Metro Area

Here at Positive Business DC we are always looking for organizations who are implementing positive psychology in the workplace.  As the nation’s capital we hope that […]
December 23, 2013

Positive Practices Around the World

Positive psychology training is being implemented in many countries around the world, and not only are we starting to see the positive effects but also which […]
December 23, 2013

Anticipatory Savoring: The IPPA World Congress

I’m flying to Los Angeles tomorrow.  I’m leaving my 2 1/2 year old and my 7 month old (whom I’m still nursing, if that isn’t TMI) […]
December 23, 2013
The Essential Performance

Book review: The Essential Performance Review Handbook

At times, here at Positive Business DC, we like to review books that can help cultivate positive business.  This one is by a local writer and […]