Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology- Begins in April in Washington, DC (and cities around North America this winter) 

I often get asked about more training from people who are fascinated by positive psychology but aren’t sure how to take that next step. I am reprinting this due to the overwhelming interest.

The Certificate in Applied Positive Practices (CAPP) Program is a 200-hour personal and professional learning journey that will equip you with the tools and practices you need to support yourself and others in flourishing.

If positive psychology teaches us that “Other people matter!” then why do so many people study PP in isolation and spend hundreds of hours creating materials that have already been created by others?

Join the Flourishing Center to learn the science of human flourishing in a structured, empowering and exciting learning environment. Get access to skills and materials that will make it easy for you to apply positive psychology in your professional life, growing your personal and professional impact in the world.

The program consists of 45 topics built on the PP module of flourishing: Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement (PERMA) and Vitality.

For each of the positive practices you’ll learn:

For more information about the Flourishing Center’s program see here.

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For a free 1 hour Positive Psychology Introductory Master Class introducing you to CAPP go here.

About The Flourishing Center

The-Flourishing-Center-Certification-in-Applied-Positive-PsychologyThe Flourishing Center (TFC) is a New York City based Benefit Corporation (BCorp) whose mission is to spread the tools for masterful living around the world. It does so through experiential learning and development opportunities for people’s mind-body-spirit. Grounded in the science of human nature and behavior, TFC’s offerings help change-agents flourish in their life and work while creating a measurable-positive impact on the well-being of the planet.