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How to Positively Transform Your Organization

How to Positively Transform Your Organization

How to Positively Transform Your Organization

Appreciative Inquiry always works.  Always. It works to a different extent depending on how many of the success factors are there, but as I tell my clients (in a rare moment of bravado in the pitch process) it always works.  Now, you have to know how to do one and be willing to take some risks in facilitating it. I was shocked to learn that one of my colleagues who had gotten her Master’s with David Cooperrider at Case Western still hadn’t done a full AI of her own.  I think she was too scared to make a mistake. Or she knew too much. You can get bogged down in the myriad ways to plan one. As the Army likes to say, an 80% solution now is better than a 100% solution 6 months from now. So do it! You can learn more from my previous post here.


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Character Strengths Matter

What are the elements of good character? The Values in Action (VIA) project identified 24 qualities such as creative, authentic, loving, forgiving, kind, persistent, prudent, and brave, calling them character strengths. Character strengths are elements of good character valued across time and around the world.

Ideal resource for teaching and applying character strengths.
Mark Tolmachoff
Great resource for leadership coaches!
Andrea C. Gallien
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