Shannon has been coaching for 11 years, is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and received her coaching certification from the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Program. She uses tools such as the VIA Character Strengths survey and techniques from improv and the theatrical arts to help individuals and teams understand and value their strengths. Shannon enjoys working with individuals at any stage in their career – supporting them to bring their whole selves to work. She is also passionate about bringing the science of resilience to help mitigate the stress of our busy lives. She is also deeply involved in her own coaching practice where she is committed to a practical, evidence-based form of open discussion and feedback. She creates a safe space where clients bring concerns without judgment, yet where unhelpful behaviors are confronted and addressed. She considers coaching a rare opportunity to effect change on a deep level.

She was one of the first 100 people in the world to receive her Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and Yale College.

Specialty Areas

  • Strengths-Based Coaching Skills for Managers and Professionals
  • Presentation Skills Training and Coaching
  • Building Relationships (Communication, Networking, Business Development)
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching for Resiliency and Stress Management
"Shannon’s work has been nothing short of transformative. Taking time to notice reactions, thought patterns and responses seems to be a cornerstone of Shannon’s approach. My approach to my manager improved my relationship with him."
Managing Director, Deloitte
"I found that concentrating on my team's strengths brought the best out in everyone as they are more confident with their known strengths. After discussing our strengths people were more accepting of each other, helping discussions move forward more effectively."
Director, American Express
"Mindset was the biggest change (from our coaching work). Now I’ll start from ‘yes’ or ‘why not’ rather than ‘why’. I have more of a positive outlook. I can help other people. It is more about you and more personal than just leadership."
Director, Major Credit Card Company