Episode: 10 Present Like a Rockstar… Virtually – Shannon Polly

Preparing to present? Think about:

1. Your intention, preferably a strong infinitive verb (to motivate, to inspire)
2. Your attention, being ready to be focused on what’s happening
3. Your tension, remembering that nobody else knows you’re nervous!
4. Your facial muscles. They need to be warmed up just like an athlete’s body before a race.

Episode 35: Character Strength Matters:  How to Live a Full Life… During a Pandemic – Shannon Polly

Shannon Polly talks about using awareness of our character strengths to get through these difficult times. Among other messages, she tells us:

1) Use heart strengths such as kindness, especially toward ourselves.
2) Whatever strengths you have, they are the best ones for you to employ.
3) It’s possible to overuse strengths, so dial back if your persistence or self-regulation is making you anxious.
4) There’s always more to learn about your character strengths. Together with emotional intelligence and a sense of meaning, using them effectively is highly correlated to well-being in life and work.


Wish You Had Different Strengths?

Do you long to be more creative? Wish you had more humor? Want to be more self-regulated? In my experience after completing strengths assessment tools like the free VIA Survey people often find there are one or two strengths they’d love to have more capacity in. But can we really change our strengths?

Do You Have Executive Presence?

When you walk into a room at work are people naturally drawn to you? When you sit at a meeting table do others ask to hear your thoughts? When there’s a decision to be made do people seek our your ideas?

Shannon Polly speaks about her talk at the Canadian Positive Psychology Association Conference