Appreciative Inquiry Summits – Strategic Planning – Change Management

Appreciative Inquiry Summits

AI is based on the idea that people move in the direction of the questions they ask. For example, when organizations study conflicts and weaknesses, they often find that the number and severity of these problems grow. When they focus on strengths and accomplishments, these positive attributes gain momentum.

For these reasons, AI is a powerful tool for us to use as we create a new strategy.

Does it work?

AI has helped organizations like the United Nations, McKinsey & Co., the US Navy, Walmart and Hewlett Packard move towards a more positive and collaborative future.

Some of the outcomes that have been achieved by these organizations include:

  • more engaged and productive employees
  • increased sales and enhanced business performance
  • decreased absenteeism
  • enhanced organizational reputation
  • improved capacity for dealing with sensitive/troublesome issues in the workplace
  • greater confidence among employees
  • more adaptable and flexible working environments.

All of this from collaborating towards positive change.