Powerful Presenting

powerful presentingIt’s a common myth that you either have ‘executive presence’ – that essence that helps you to command a room – or you don’t.  Actors know that there are tangible techniques and exercises you can do to cultivate that presence…and that they can be taught.  This workshop deviates from traditional presentation skills training and translates the skills of the theater to the office. The approach is from two vantage points – the external and the internal aspects of presence.

Externally, we will address aligning spoken messages with unspoken ones in the workshop by focusing on the external aspects of presence:  eye contact, gestures, movement, posture, breathing, voice, and body positioning.  To focus on the internal aspects of presence, participants will discover their values and their goals and apply them to their presentation.  Any speaker needs to know the entire message, verbal and nonverbal, that he or she is communicating in order to convey executive presence.

What you will learn:

  • Cultivate awareness of the internal and external areas of executive presence that affect your ability to communicate effectively
  • Practice the areas of executive presence through giving presentations that accurately imitate the work environment of the participant (using videotaping and feedback)
  • Receive individualized feedback on areas of strength and those that need improvement
  • Identify core values around interaction with others and transform those core values into action
  • Leave the workshop with tangible techniques for controlling nervousness and improving the communication of the total message.