Storytelling and Influence

storytelling and influenceStorytelling – although it may not be called that – is a critical skill in today’s workplace. The human brain is designed to create and hear stories and some cultures have rich oral storytelling traditions. People who use storytelling well can increase their organization’s effectiveness in advocating, educating, promoting, presenting successes, illustrating best practices, pointing out organizational environmental changes, and building community, etc. Internally with their organizations, effective storytellers can lead change management and explain complex processes, externally stories can inspire and lead clients to become long time partners. This workshop gives participants a model to use for any story, how to tell them, and the 10 stories you need to have in your back pocket (i.e. ‘well-rehearsed spontaneous stories’). Participants will get coaching from a professional actor and award winning playwright after telling their stories, as well as listen to stories of their colleagues and learn best practices for how to craft persuasive, powerful stories in their work.

Through active participation in this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify components for good stories
  • Assess the effectiveness of storytelling in various situations
  • Learn the 10 stories every leader should have in their repertoire
  • Learn and use The Story Spine model to craft a persuasive story