Strengths Based Managing

strengthsAccording to recent research based on survey responses from hundreds of thousands of employees and managers, teams that have the opportunity to use their strengths everyday report higher levels of profits, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention. In fact they are 50% more likely to have low turnover, 38% more likely to have higher levels of productivity and 44% more likely to have high customer satisfaction ratings. The ability for managers to leverage strengths is becoming a critical skill.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How you can identify strengths in yourself and others using the StrengthsFinder™ and VIA Strengths™ online assessment tool
  • Practical tools for leveraging strengths and giving strengths-based feedback
  • How to apply strengths to overcome obstacles
  • Powerful questions that build employee self efficacy around strengths
  • The science behind why strengths-based managing works