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Strengths Challenge

Happy At Work

Shhhh! Can you hear it? There’s a revolution taking place in our workplaces, and it’s being led by employees – want to join in? If you’re fed up with a job that drains your energy, a boss who undermines your confidence or simply lack the time or support to do what you do best, there’s a campaign underway and it’s aimed at restoring people’s happiness. It’s called the Strengths Challenge and it kicks off on Monday 8th February. We’ll help you to discover your strengths – those things you’re good at and enjoy doing, how to design your own 11-minute strengths habit to practice for one week giving you the support you need to put your strengths to work with access to leading strengths coaches. Participation is 100% free. Sign up here


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Character Strengths Matter

What are the elements of good character? The Values in Action (VIA) project identified 24 qualities such as creative, authentic, loving, forgiving, kind, persistent, prudent, and brave, calling them character strengths. Character strengths are elements of good character valued across time and around the world.

Ideal resource for teaching and applying character strengths.
Mark Tolmachoff
Great resource for leadership coaches!
Andrea C. Gallien
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