Adkins, Beth

Assistant Controller - BGA & IS at GE Aviation

Shannon was a wonderful keynote speaker at our Finance team’s Career Enrichment Day.  Before the event, Shannon made connections with key stakeholders and worked diligently to refine her presentation to suit the planning committee’s goals.  (more…)

Peter R. Worrell

The Landing School, Chairman of the board

It is axiomatic that higher education is going through a very challenging time. Shannon Polly came to the Landing School of Boatbuilding & Design at a pivotal time for the school. The Board of Trustees needed to evaluate strategic alternatives for this small, accredited career oriented college in the marine industry. (more…)

Lisa Honig Buksbaum

CEO & Founder, Soaringwords.org

Over the years I have collaborated with professional coaches and leadership trainers who are talented, intelligent and get results. Shannon Polly is one of the most remarkable professionals I have experienced. Shannon possesses a dazzling array of strengths which she uses to help her clients achieve tangible results. (more…)

Lucy Hone

Human Potential Centre, Aut University, New Zealand

Before I met Shannon I had a total phobia of public speaking. She gave me techniques to help me calm my nerves before taking to the stage, precise tips on how a good speaker stands and “performs” on stage, and the support and confidence to make me believe I could do this thing successfully. (more…)

Barry Acker

The Landing School, President

Shannon developed and facilitated an event for us and was extremely thorough from the planning stages to the execution. It was a challenging environment in that the group she was working with was extremely diverse, from faculty and board members to alumni and members of the industry. (more…)

Steve Safigan

Foundations for Tomorrow, President & Director

Ms. Polly co-facilitated our Appreciative Inquiry summit in order to help us determine our next steps after a layoff of staff. She was prepared and knowledgeable, and did a tremendous amount of organizational work both before and after the summit. (more…)

Andrew Chambers

Northern Lights Canada, Employment Services Coordinator

You know when you guys showed up with 32 people in the room I was thinking ‘How are they ever going to pull this off? People are not happy. They are upset about this change. I don’t know if this is going to work.’ (more…)

Adrianne Haight

Northern Lights Canada, Employment Services Coordinator

We are in the process of delivering internal training for those staff who are remaining at NLC and we have made it a focus to remind people of the great strengths that we were able to identify in our workshops with you and Louisa. (more…)

Angela Lee

Engagement Manager at McKinsey

I thought I was going to be working with Shannon merely to strengthen my voice. What happened instead is that Shannon gave me life tools that improved my ability to be heard as a business leader. (more…)