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Leaders Connect DC

I attended a mini breakout by a “positive psychologist” who put forth some illuminating insights. If you, as a leader, ignore your peeps, 40% will disengage from you, if you focus on what they are doing wrong, 22% will disengage, and if you focus on what they are doing well, they will disengage from you only 1% of the time. In other words, focus on wins and strengths.

Beth Adkins

Assistant Controller - BGA & IS at GE Aviation

Shannon was a wonderful, enthusiastic keynote speaker with deep knowledge. She made connections with key stakeholders and refined her presentation to suit the planning committee’s goals. Shannon actively engaged the audience, including remote participants, and drew them in with relevant, tailored examples (teaching us) how to leverage our strengths for a lifetime of success and happiness.

Angela Lee

Engagement Manager at McKinsey

I thought I was going to be working with Shannon merely to strengthen my voice. What happened instead is that Shannon gave me life tools that improved my ability to be heard as a business leader. She helped me everything from tactical tools like breathing exercises to transformational exercises about how to connect better with my clients. She truly did help me find my ‘voice’, and so much more!

Lisa Honig Buksbaum

CEO & Founder,

Over the years I have collaborated with professional coaches and leadership trainers who are talented, intelligent and get results. Shannon Polly is one of the most remarkable professionals I have experienced. Shannon possesses a dazzling array of strengths which she uses to help her clients achieve tangible results.  Her grasp of cutting edge subjects in positive psychology, business, and leadership is as impressive as her delivery is compelling and memorable. I have had the pleasure to experience her presentations at several global and national conferences where she receives the highest marks in audience satisfaction and take-home value. Shannon is a mesmerizing and accessible presenter who combines the power of a Broadway actress with the comfort of your next door neighbor. As a professional coach and leadership trainer, Shannon has the right blend of confidence, compassion and drive to keep her clients focused on achieving realistic and attainable stretch goals. She combines the latest scientific insights from positive psychology to teach clients how to set goals that are simultaneously intrinsically motivating and life-changing. She is a talented writer, strategic thinker and meeting facilitator. I recommend her without reservation.

Peter R. Worrell

The Landing School, Chairman of the board

Collaborating with the management team and Board, Shannon designed a highly effective session using Appreciative Inquiry. All of the stakeholders were engaged and aligned. The powerful concepts and vocabulary introduced by Shannon has been adopted by the management, board, and faculty as we aligned on alternatives for growth, increasing financial accessibility, and addressing the changing curricular delivery methodology. The ultimate beneficiaries of her work with us are the students– present and future.

Lucy Hone

Director, New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience

Before I met Shannon, I had a total phobia of public speaking. She gave me techniques to help me calm my nerves, precise tips on how to stand and “perform” on stage, and the support and confidence to make me believe I could do this thing successfully. I have now found my voice and just did my first TED talk!

Barry Acker

The Landing School, President

Shannon developed and facilitated an event that led us to define our mission, goals and methods for reaching them. She handled a diverse group and a few curve balls gracefully and adroitly. She has a great sense of humor, an exuberant self-confidence, and a willingness to listen and negotiate to reach the best results.

Andrew Chambers

Northern Lights Canada, Employment Services Coordinator

You know when you guys showed up, I was thinking “How are they ever going to pull this off? People are not happy about this change. I don’t know if this is going to work.” And then you started and were getting people involved in the discussion and I was just so amazed at how well it went. And I thought, “My people are going through a lot…they need some positivity.” And I knew we had to do the workshop with all our teams.