The Power of Positive Management

In order to create fully engaged work environments, managers need specific tools that allow them to achieve high levels of performance. The latest research in psychology and neuroscience is revealing the power of how positive emotions and employees’ strengths can be unleashed to stimulate better performance, higher levels of productivity and full engagement. This is what our Positive Management training program gives you – practical simple tools based in empirical research that can transform your work environment into one that drives performance and improves well-being.

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"Shannon was a wonderful keynote speaker at our Finance team’s Career Enrichment Day. Before the event, Shannon made connections with key stakeholders and worked diligently to refine her presentation to suit the planning committee’s goals. During her presentation, Shannon actively worked to engage the audience, including remote participants, and drew them in with relevant, tailored examples. Each of us learned so much about how to leverage our strengths for a lifetime of success and happiness. Shannon’s enthusiasm and deep knowledge drove great feedback from our participants. Shannon was a pleasure to work with throughout the process and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future."
Beth Adkins,
Assistant Controller,
GE Aviation